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New artificial intelligence revolutionizes sports betting with an incredible 87% success rate!

Bookmakers want to stop this new sports prediction software that allows up to 87% success. The young company behind this technological innovation will continue to make a lot of noise because it has just rejected a buyout offer of multimillion euros...

By Eric Gonzales

Sports betting expert • Published on October 28, 2022
By offering reliable mathematical predictions thanks to AI, this new start-up intends to revolutionize the sports betting industry. Bettors are delighted but bookmakers can't take it anymore...

Most sports bettors don't know this secret trick to winning

It took a year and a half of research to find an algorithm that was more accurate and reliable than the best professional bettors. Initially, Data Sport was tested on 15,000 soccer games. Its prediction rate was 78%. Today, the algorithm is so sophisticated that it gets up to 87% success rate on the biggest competitions.

So, the objective of this artificial intelligence is to offer safe and secure odds to ensure a good return on investment in the medium term. And that's not all, the two founders are so sure of the efficiency of their technology that they offer many free bets for each new registration through their partners!

Sounds too good to be true?

That's what our team thought before writing the article, but with 10 minutes of free time and nothing to lose, we tested Data Sport with the €100 free bet offered: 2 matches and one day later, we had won €630! 

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who is unfamiliar with sports betting and needs a stable additional income.

With Data Sport, you simply follow the advice of the algorithms and bet intelligently on matches studied beforehand by a mass of calculations and analysis...

Since the beginning of the year, more than 25,000 people have taken advantage of a massive discount: only €1 to get all the benefits (predictions of the algorithm, bonus offered, live odds variations...)

Take the opportunity to have access to Data Sport for €1! Whether you are familiar with soccer or not, it's easy to get regular profits from the first results with sports betting.
"Bookmakers can tremble, because Data Sport's solution seems to be devilishly effective" - Forbes
"With this technology, you simply follow the advice of the algorithm and make profits on matches studied beforehand by the machine" - Business Insider

Data Sport has indicated that the €1 offer will end soon as the results of the launch have far exceeded its targets. Hurry to take advantage of it by clicking below
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